Video is more than putting the pieces together

At its best, video editing is an artform, the editors skill as a storyteller is enhanced by years of training and practice. Get the finished video you really want!

We handcraft all our videos here in Australia, so you talk directly to the editor working on your project.

Personalised Editing Service

From big budget productions to home movies, all videos need skilled editing to get the best from your footage. We work on all kinds of video, from small business videos we’ve produced ourselves, through to home videos shot on your iPhone or HD camera.

If you’ve got footage and have no idea how to put it together, don’t stress! Sonic Eye’s team of freelance professionals have the skills to help. You need to have a good idea of the story you want to tell, but we’ll make sure that your video is put together in the best possible way.

Unlike other services, with Sonic Eye you’ll speak directly to the editor. We won’t just throw your video together, we’ll collaborate with you to realise your ideas and we’ll make suggestions that will improve the finished product.

Don’t just cut your clips together, let us help you tell a story that will keep your audience engaged, entertained or informed. We know how to pace your footage, bring emotion into the edit, and find just the right soundtrack to fit your story.

Browse through our Portfolio to see actual projects we’ve produced and edited, we don’t post any ‘stock videos’, everything on our site (including the photos) is from real projects we’ve created. If you like what you see, get in touch and let us help make your footage awesome!


Custom video editing service based in Sydney, that specializes in editing your travel footage.

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