We’ve been pretty quiet on the blogosphere lately, but behind the scenes we’ve been working flat out, and here’s why – we’re unveiling our brand new 2016 video editing website! The new site features our new Video Editing Portfolio showing some of the video editing and video production work we’ve over the past year, and new ‘how to’ content you’ve asked for.

Introducing our Brand New Video Editing website

We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to replace our old (and frankly, tired) website to reflect how far we’ve come in the past year. That’s right! Sonic Eye had our first anniversary in October 2015 – it’s been a year since we started out with a vision, a basic website and a bit of editing gear.

Video Editing Gone Global

In the past year we’ve been editing some pretty cool stuff, including action sports videos, travel videos and holiday footage but we got so involved in the editing we forgot to tell you.

But no more! We’ve totally re-vamped our site and added a bunch of new content so you can see what we’ve been doin all this time. We’ve uploaded some of the best bits of your footage shot from 2015, shot right around the world.

        • Australia
        • France
        • USA
        • Caribbean
        • Japan
        • Myanmar
        • New Zealand
        • Peru
        • Italy
        • Galapagos Islands
        • UK
        • China

Check out the videos in our brand new Video Editing Portfolio.

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