Mike, Andy, Toby and Sam contacted us from London, UK to ask if we edited international work – we said sure!

They sent us over 3 hours of epic snowboarding footage, shot on three different GoPro cameras, and one phone. Two of the GoPro’s were in widescreen (16:9) and one in 4:3.

We combined the footage, re-cropped it to fit together and did a bit of colour work to make it look as seamless as possible. Then we picked out selected parts of the different camera shots and put them together to give the impression of a multi-camera shoot (different angles).

We pulled parts of the audio from the 4:3 camera (which ironically had the best sound quality), and overlayed them in selected parts of the action to give it more energy.

We cut a lot of their footage to music tracks, but in keeping with our ‘filmic’ philosophy, not in sync (like a music video), but with the action (like a feature film).

The original music on this section was ‘Absolute Obsolete’ by Lagwagon, which we can’t use here because of the copyright.

The gnarly production music tracks we’ve used to give a sense of the original feel, are called ‘Eight Parallel Universes’ and Megagalactic Metal’, both by DEn Kot from Crypt of Insomnia.

For more samples from the Japan Snowboarding movie, take a look at our Video Portfolio.

Thalia and the Sonic Eye team were a real pleasure to work with... Friendly and engaged throughout the edit I'm sure we'll use her and the team again for our next big trip.
Andy H
London, UK


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