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This clip is from a snowboarding movie we cut for Mike, Andy, Toby and Sam from the UK of footage from their Snowboarding trip to Japan.

Three of them had GoPro’s and one guy had a mobile. Some were older GoPro’s, so the best sound came from the Hero 4 footage. One camera was in 4:3, the rest in the more usual format for modern videos, 16:9 widescreen.

We dug through their footage for the best bits, and altered the footage to the same format. We re-cropped the 4:3 footage to fit seamlessly into the widescreen finished movie.

Because they had shot footage from multiple different angles and taken footage of each other, we had a lot to work with to create their movie.

They were pretty stoked with the results and we had a lot of fun cutting their movie so we’re hoping they’ll come back to us with the footage from their next big trip.

The production music track on this clip is called ‘Away’ by Vladimir Grecki of Ykzterg. The original track on the DVD (which we can’t use here due to the copyright) was ‘Ratts of the Capital’ by Mogwai.

We all watched the film on Friday - overwhelming consensus was it was a really professional job and it's great to get our memories saved like that...thanks so much for all the hard work and attention to detail.
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