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Sonic Eye surpassed my expectations as to what I thought it was possible to do, to improve amateur video footage! The results were first class: clever editing and creativity with titling and soundtrack

Tony - Sydney Australia
Tony - Sydney Australia
Holiday Video, Galapagos Islands

Tony from Sydney wanted his Galapagos Islands video footage edited into a documentary-style movie, with a special titles sequence based on the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ films.

We edited Tony’s movie from around 3 hours of footage, with a few changes such as order of clips and some fine-tuning of the sound, then added a full movie soundtrack of his favourite music.

Tony’s vision of a full intro-sequence was a comic take on the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, using the end titles music from the films ‘He’s a Pirate’ by Klaus Badelt. Tony’s sense of humour comes through in his videos, including footage of Tony and friends climbing inside huge Giant Tortoise shells big enough to fit an adult!

Tony’s final movie was 1 1/2 hours long in total, including the intro and end titles, and it was great fun to edit, with some absolutely stunning footage of Galapagos’ unique wildlife. This is just a tiny snippet of the full movie, we’ll try to post more clips later on.

We had a lot of fun editing Tony’s holiday videos, we hope to see more great travel movies in future!

Photo © S. Green 2015, with our thanks for letting us use it here.

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