Here’s a blast from the past. Thalia created this music video way back in 2013 using iMovie, to promote a CD release for ‘radio caroline south’. All it took was a basic camera, two lamps and a box.

This is a YouTube promo video I created for ‘radio caroline south’, a solo music project recorded and released back in 2010. These videos were actually the impetus for getting back into video editing and ultimately, for founding Sonic Eye video in late 2014.

The video was shot on a low-end JVC handycam, other equipment in this shoot consisted of two lamps (no other lights available – not easy dancing while holding two lamps!) a box on a table to put the camera on (no tripod!) a bit of gaffa to mark the spot to stand to be in the frame) and some dark blue curtains as a background. The curtains were used as a pseudo-green-screen to make an overlay.

I used some iPhone 3 footage of a concert light show to create the mock-green-screen background effect and overlays. The intention was to have Caroline’s face clear but the rest of the video fuzzy and pixelated – no point trying to make a glossy number with the equipment to hand!

The video was entirely edited using iMovie which is not easy for a music video where you are trying to sync to the music track by hand. iMovie is a struggle with this type of thing, the timeline just isn’t meant for audio editing so ‘slipping’ an audio track is a real wrestling-match.

iMovie actually syncs with Garageband for soundtrack mixing in a very similar way to how FCP syncs with Soundtrack Pro, Premier with Audition, or Avid with ProTools, but it’s something that few people realize. I’ll try to write a quick how-to on using Garageband to mix a soundtrack and how to bounce it back to iMovie when I get the time (so it could be a while!).

Things have certainly moved on since then, with Sonic Eye starting trade at the end of 2014 and we’ve not stopped making movies since!

We’d love to get back into Music Videos though, hence posting these rough tracks here. Got better footage than these? Bring it!

Want a Music Clip produced? We’d love to work some magic on some cool music video content. (I won’t be shooting it though – I’ll get our videographer to do that part, I know my limits!)

Want your own footage edited into a YouTube video? We can do that too, get in touch!

Thalia is the video and sound editor at Sonic Eye video editing.

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