We are a creative video editing service based in Sydney, but we edit footage from all over the world!
Here at Sonic Eye, we sometimes get asked what it is we actually do. In a nutshell, it’s Custom Video Editing for Your Footage.

What Does Sonic Eye Video Editing Actually Do?

In a nutshell, it’s Custom Video Editing for Your Footage.

How do We Do It?
  • We consult with you, work out what you want and then we make it happen. All of our video editing is custom to some degree, because we take the time to talk to you about what you want your finished video to look like.
  • We ask questions like ‘what are your favourite movies’. We don’t mean ‘tell us some movies you liked which are like the one we are editing for you’. What we are looking for here is an idea of your personal taste; which movies do you like? which TV shows? what kind of music? Then we can edit accord to your tastes.
Video Editing is so much more than ‘cutting out the bad bits’, it is the craft of creating a story. YOUR story. And that is what we do
Here is an Example
      • Our client Andy went to France with his friends to ride the Tour de France circuit (just for fun!). We asked him about his taste in movies and music, and then we used this info to work out an editing style for Andy.

In one ‘scene’ of his movie – a full-length documentary-style movie – we included a little segment where the boys were heading to a lovely local café for breakfast – all they are doing is walking along, but we chose a particular music track to put behind it (‘Pump it Up’ by Elvis Costello). Andy made the comment that it ‘looks like a Tarantino movie!’ which is, of course, exactly what we were aiming for.

All Sonic Eye video packages include rough-cut edits to review online before we complete your video editing and post production

That means you get to see some of the video, send us your comments/ideas/compliments (we hope!) and we get to find out if we’re on the right track. If we are not, we can change the editing approach. We make your videos based on your direction.

We edit business footage, home movies, travel videos, music videos, action sports and we can create everything from a marketing video to a documentary or feature-movie from your videos. We’ll add a music soundtrack of your own selection, or source and select copyright-cleared Production Music for your web videos.

So we hope that clarifies things a bit. We are working on an FAQ of some of the questions that come up a lot, but you can always just Get In Touch and ask us.

Thalia Kemp is the sound and video editor at Sonic Eye video in Sydney, Australia.

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